Star Trek: Elysium

Cadet Jadian Edron’s log Stardate 64816.63

Cadet Jadian Edron’s log Stardate 64816.63

Our Sensor calibration test did not go as planned: it started off well as Ruix scanned the asteroid and transported it to a seperate cargo bay. But no sooner had we cheered and the piece of space rock blew up and breached the hull of the starbase and a surge of transporter energy blazed through the station. Not soon after myself and a few others of E-squad were overcome by an illness fell unconsious. I’ve been told Liviana, Shirley and Jodelle stayed up long enough to learn we’ve been overcome with radiation poisoning due to transporter energy that has surged through the station which also made computers unresponsive and temporarily useless. We were being cured from it when even those that were awake succumbed to fatigue and after some time we woke up in a dormitory we did not recognize. It still looked like Starbase One but something was off, it wasn’t long before we looked in the hallway and saw the logo of the Terran Empire. We had found ourselves stuck in the infamous Mirror Universe. I had read about it in the records of the famous voyages of Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise that this is some parallel universe that is a dark reflection of ours, though it’s doubtful this 100 year old intel could do us much good. Weirdly enough the power seemed to be running low as if this place was understaffed but we did manage to access a console to learn some aspects of this universe:
1) This place is called Star Base Omega (SBΩ)
2) The Terran Empire has been reformed by Spock to be less human centric and militaristic
3) They lost the war against Cardassian-Klingon Alliance but managed to launch a revolt to reclaim Earth and other systems
4) They are now in an alliance with the Dominion against the Cardassian-Klingon Alliance
5) Our counterparts are still Elysium Squad and are still family of those that disappeared with the Elysium. This unverse’s E-squad rose to fame by high grades and the murder of Alpha Squad. We are now assigned to SBΩ for a classified research project.
6) From Ruix’ personal logs, he is a slave and works in our lab where we are working on some project. He is also regularly tortured…
7) We were supposed to leave with Orwell yesterday, meaning our counterparts in this universe are possibly on that ship. Our logs show that we went on a ship and left yesterday. Then there’s a gap of a few hours and then we were registered to be in this dorm.

I cannot deny that it was disturbing to see this reflection of ourselves, proudly sharing their gruesome murder for all to see. And where the Federation treated us with compassion by the death of our parents, in this universe it was a mark of shame breeding resentment and cruelty. As the previous records showed: this universe shows a dark reflection of our own lives.

We also found phasers, daggers and tricorders belonging to our counterparts. At this point we were visited by a Jem’Hadar grunt, who saluted us and continued. It seemed this alliance with the Dominion came with some help. Not long after we were visited by Commander Ucros Braen, who congratulated us on making the right choice (not going with Orwell) but wanted data of our research by the end of the day. He was also quite aggressive towards Ruix.

We then made our way to the research lab and noticed that indeed: SBΩ is understaffed and there aren’t many humans here either. When we arrived at our lab we were greeted by two Jem’Hadar guards who were instructed by us not to let anyone in. They were very confused by our lack of aggression for their insubordination but that we argued them into letting us in. In the lab we saw a tube, a biobed specialized in brain implants and a few prison cells with Klingons and Cardassians. From the research logs we learned that our counterparts are tasked with designing a brain implant to ‘domesticate’ the Klingons and Cardassians, apparently it’s working on the Klingons but not the Cardassians due to a difference in biology. The endeavor ended the lives of over 150 prisoners with only 2 klingons and 2 Cardassians remaining.

We were then visited by this universe’s Doctor Sunter, who was livid we didn’t take Orwell’s deal and that she’ll be back to deal with us. Making it very clear she was going to kill us. It seems that there’s a struggle between Braen and Orwell on what direction this universe’s E-squad would go. With that he stormed off in anger.

Looking for a way out of this dimension we thought to recreate the incident that got us here and looked for a similar asteroid that got us into this. We did find one but we were still looking for a reasonable way to recreate the transporter energy, my memory of the Kirk logs does not mention any information on how they specifically got back besides some mentions of a transporter. Alex also asked for a bioscan to see for remains of radiation, but no remains were found. We did notice that our biology had changed to the mirror universe counterpart, like antibodies and retina adjusted to the different radiation. Our working theory is that the asteroid somehow re-aligned our biofunctions and energy signatures to this parallel universe, so if we could reverse this and recreate some transporter energy we could potentially get back.

At this point we were visited by a Vorta with a shock collar who wished to speak with Shirley. She learned that apparently her counterpart is involved in some conspiracy to free prisoners from this Starbase. The Vorta was worried we didn’t leave to Orwell so he and Shana couldn’t get the prisoners to a ship called the Valiant for which they needed the command codes. Shirley kind of waved him off but it raises some questions on what the hell is going on in this universe.
But as we were still committed to get back to our universe we split up, one group would go try to get into the station main computer for information on incursions from our universe. The other would continue research into radiation that could sync us back to our home universe.

This first group was Jodelle, Ruix, Shirley and Anna. They never made it to the computer since they walked passed Commander Braen’s office and got a chance to glimpse at his master plan. After some prodding they learned that Braen is modifying asteroids and sending them to our universe, his goal is to transport Starbase One to this universe and use the Klingons and Cardassians our counterparts are modifying to conquer it, using its resources for the war. Seeing as one of those asteroids was the cause of us transporting here we could surmise that he’s already quite far into this research.
The rest was researching a possible radiation to revert our biological changes but this was put on hold when we received the new intel. We were starting to plan on how to seize the transporters in Braen’s lab when Alex was being summoned to Sunter’s office but he found Sunter dead on his desk and was approached by Shana, a Vulcan. Apparently Alex’ counterpart was also involved in the conspiracy to free prisoners as they carried a potential cure for a disease that is going around. The goal was to get everyone to Bajor. Alex asked for her to come to the lab to work together. But there she came under the impression the rest of the squad was involved and out of paranoia drew her phaser on us. Shirley tried to telepathically overpower her, and while she failed Anna used the moment to hit a nice stun shot on her. There was a bit of a discussion now on what to do but we ended up with trying to sabotage Braen’s research and take him with us to our universe. This was quite the endeavor as when we pulled our phasers on Braen at his office we realized they did not work. The struggle with him and the two Jem’Hadar was messy but eventually we overcame them. The scientists in the room with him pointed out that they always knew how to teleport to our universe but never had any interest in doing so, and from what we gathered this research is considered to be quite a fringe project. Hence kidnapping Braen would do us no good to prevent people from the mirror universe coming over, luckily they have no interest in that. The Vorta that was working with Shirley showed up and just wanted the command codes to the Valiant, which were on Braen’s pad. It became clear here that the tube in our lab contained Founders from the Dominion, and the goal was to bring them to the Dominion to prevent a sickness of killing them all. Meanwhile Ruix programmed a virus to wipe all the research of the computers. And with that we teleported back to Starbase One in our universe. End Log.



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