Alex Wolfe

Young cadet aiming for the command division


The soul and heart of a species can be found in their art
Alone we are good, together we are great

Control 9
Fitness 8
Presence 9
Daring 8
Insight 8
Reason 8

Command 2
Security 2
Science 2
Conn 1
Engineering 1
Medicine 1

Untapped potential
Spirit of Discovery


Reputation: 9
Privilege: 1
Responsibility: 20


Basic Information
Name: Alex Wolfe
Rank: Cadet
Born: October 5th 2368, Starbase 17
Family: Lt. Michael Wolfe, Helmsman USS Elysium, deceased (MIA)
Lt. Cassandra Dawson, Xenobiologist USS Elysium, deceased (MIA)
Vessia Sh’avhoren, godmother, legal guardian
Current location: Andoria, Andorian System
Hobbies: painting(landscapes), Andorian Ice Rush, Linguistics


First Year
CON101 Astronavigation
ADM101 Starfleet protocols
PHY101 Mechanical Physics
CS101 LCARS basic

Replicator rations 47/50

Transcript application interview stardate 63917.1
TH: Please take a seat mister Wolfe. My name is Thomas Hendriks and I’ll be the one to conduct your application interview into Starfleet.
AW: A pleasure to meet you mister Hendriks
TH: Now before we get started, I should point out that this conversation is being recorded as per standard regulations. Do you object to this?
AW: Off course not mister Wright.
TH: Good, then we can get started. First I would like to ask you some questions concerning your background.
AW: what would you like to know?
TH: Well according to your application, after the incident with your parents you came to be under the care of your godmother Sh’avoren and you lived with her on Andoria, is that correct?
AW: Yes that is correct.
TH: I can imagine that it must have been difficult to adjust to such a new environment. Especially because the climate in Andoria is not particularly hospitable to humans.
AW: I’ll admit that it was difficult at first. Afterall when I first started living with her I was but a scared 5 year old boy who missed his parents constantly.
TH: I’m sorry five years old? I was under the impression that you came into her care when you were 14 years old.
AW: Ah no, I can see where the confusion came from. While it is true that she became my guardian after I lost my parents, I had already spend a large portion of my childhood under her care. You see when the reality of the Dominion war started to sink in they decided that they wanted me planet side in order to keep me safe. And because neither of them wanted to abandon their post during such a time, they decided to send me to aunt Vessia.
TH: Ah yes I see. Yes the Dominion War was a difficult time for many to say the least. but I interrupted you.
AW: Well like I said, the beginning was tough but I did have somethings going for me. For starters aunt Vessia is a respected professor at the Andorian Academy. And as you know, they receive students from across the quadrant. So it was quite easy for her to acquire the necessary living arrangements for me. And the other thing was the Andorian people themselves. For you see, I’ve learned that the Andorian people are a warm and wonderful people. And once you manage to prove yourself as a friend to them, then they in turn will be a friend to you for life. That said, it can however be quite difficult to get to that stage but it is certainly not impossible. So yes once I got to know the Andoran children and they got to know me getting along was no problem at all.
TH: Well that’s good to hear, being openminded is an important aspect of Starfleet afterall. Now something else that stood out to me was that you listed Linguistics as a hobby of yours. Could you please elaborate a bit on this?
AW: Certainly, well in order to help me fit in with the others, Vessia quickly started teaching me Andorian. As she strongly believes that you cannot really get to know someone if you have to rely on a computer in order to understand each other. Seeing as I quickly picked up on it and because in her words “I glowed with pride” when I figured it out, she decided to teach me other languages as well. And I’m glad she did because it is true what she says. While a translation can give you the context of a message or a story, a part of the spirit of it is lost in translation.
TH: Just out of curiosity, what languages do you speak?
AW: well obviously I speak English and Andorian. Following that I learned Vulcan, Risan and Cardassian. And I also picked up some French along the way.
TH: A rather interesting collection.
AW: I guess you could say that. I learned Risan mostly because Vessia introduced me to several works written in it. Cardassian I learned from one of Vessia’s students who was kind enough to teach me. Vulcan because I eventually want to learn the language of every founding race of the federation. And French because I wanted to learn another human language. So I threw a dart at a board and it landed on French.
TH: Now then, let’s get to the big question. What made you decide to join Starfleet?
AW: Well There are a couple of reasons. First of all, I feel that there is a bit of a familial obligation. Afterall, not only were both my parents in Starfleet, but so were their parents and their parents as well. So you could say that I want to join up in order to get a bit of a connection with them.
But the main reason is and I’m trying to find a way to express this into words. “Snap” I got it. have you ever examined a landscape of a true master. And I don’t mean just looking at the painting but really studying it in dept. at some point, you’ll get so enraptured by it that you can almost smell the air or you can almost feel the sand shift under your feet as you change your stance. But in the end, regardless of the skill behind the piece, all you are seeing is how the artist sees it. And that is not enough for me. I want to actually discover these places. To smell the air, to feel the sand pour between my fingers or to feel the waves wrapping around my legs. The ability to discover these distant and strange places, to be able to see them before anyone else can sounds so alluring to me that I can’t think of anything else that I would rather do.
TW: What is your aunt’s opinion on your choice?
AW: She’s supportive of my choice, but I think she is a little disappointed that I did not try to enroll into the Andorian Academy.
TW: High praise coming from one of their professors. And as I can clearly read in your file mister Wolfe, you are not one without artistic skill. So I would imaging that getting into the Andorian Academy would not be difficult for you. Did you ever consider this?
AW: we talked about it but ultimately it’s not what I want for myself. And true, I’ll admit that it would probably be easier for me, but I don’t want easy. I want to be able to do what I want to do and for me that is Starfleet.
TH: If you feel so strongly about this, may I ask you why you didn’t apply sooner?
AW: Well, I wanted to but unfortunately my Aunt got struck by the Andorian Shiver Flu. In case you don’t know, it is a very nasty disease as well as highly contagious. Fortunately humans can’t catch it so I decided to postpone my application in order to help take care of her. You know make sure her daily needs are taken care of, that she takes her medicine in time. Stuff like that. I just couldn’t leave her when she needed me.
TH: Very commendable of you. Ok, I think I have enough. We will get in touch with you at a later time mister Wolfe. Other than that I wish you a very nice day and we will see each other soon.

Alex Wolfe

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