Anna Krylenko

human cadet, pilot


- Starfleet is my family
- There Is No Higher Calling Than to Serve

- Bold conn
- Neural interface
- Untapped potential

Control 10
Fitness 8
Presence 8
Daring 9
Insight 7
Reason 8

Command 1
Security 1
Science 2
Conn 2 (shuttlecraft)
Engineering 2
Medicine 1

Core Courses 1st year
- Flight school (+ 1 discipline Conn)
- Tactical school (hand to hand combat)
- Science department (+ 1 attribute Insight)
- Command school (+1 discipline command)


Born on a starbase in 2370.
Both parents worked as starfleet personnel on the USS Elysium, Father (Ivan Krylenko) worked in engineering, and mother (Lt. Mary Watson) worked as pilot.
Anna was on the starbase when the USS Elysium disappeared. Having no family to be sent to, she was raised in an orphanage run by starfleet. She chose to join starfleet as soon as she was capable, both out of gratitude for raising her, and to honour her parents.
She secretly hopes that her parents are still alive somewhere out there, and would love to go and investigate where they are.

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Anna Krylenko

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