Connor O'Sullivan

Second year cadet of Alpha Squad


Daring 7
Control 9
Fitness 9
Reason 10
Insight 9
Presence 7

Command 1. Security 2. Science 2
Con 1. Engineering 1. Medicine 3

- First Aid
- Survival

- Field Medicine
- Mean right hook

- The simplest solutions are often the best
- All life is precious
- They all know my path but me

Stress 11
Unarmed strike: damage 1 (knockdown, Vicious 1)


First of his family to ever make it in to the academy. He grew up on a farm in Iowa and wanted to be a veterinarian. His talent in medicine paved the way to the academy although he still isn’t sure this is the future he wants.

He is majoring in medicine and has chosen security as his minor.

Connor O'Sullivan

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