Jodelle DeLacroix

Cadet aiming for the command division.



Daring 11
Control 10
Fitness 9
Reason 7
Insight 8
Presence 8

Command 4. Security 2. Science 1
Con 1. Engineerin 1. Medicine 1

Starfleet protocols
first aid

Resolute: +3 stress
Dauntless: resist intimidate or threatened, extra d20
Untapped potential
Decisve leadership: when I use Assist task action and would then pay 2 momentum to keep the initiative, the cost is reduced to 0

Expect the worst
We’ll show them

Stress 12

Registered Gear

Academy Mark of Bravery
(Daring; once per mission if you buy an extra d20 with threat gain one extra)

Reputation 11

Command: star fleet protocol. A. +1 discipline
Flight: astronavigation A. +1 focus
Tactical: self defense A +1 security
Engineering: lcars A +1 computers

Practical: Parises Squares team +1 fitness
Core: first aid
Liberal Arts: Galactic Hsitory +1 daring
Major: command +1 command Leadership and command: Decisive Leadership
Minor: tactical Strategy/Tactics


Born in 2370 on a colony close to Cardassian space.
Both parents in star fleet.
Mother: leutenant Julie Danes was in science, taken a leave to dedicate herself to raising a family.
Father : leutenant James Lacroix in had transfered to an engineering post on the colony to be close.
During the Dominion War, in 2375, the colony was destroyed, and father was killed. This hurt Jodelle a lot. She adored her dad.
Mother returned to active duty on Elysium.
Jodelke was spending a vacation at grandparents when Elysium vanished. They took her in after this event.
Jodelle is convinced they’re dead.She became angry at the world for taking away both her parents and got into trouble a lot.
Captain Orwell managed to get through by pitching the academy as a challenge. She will be damned before she will admit she can’t do this.

Jodelle DeLacroix

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