Liviana Tomalak


Control 10
Daring 9
Fitness 9
Insight 9
Presence 7
Reason 10

Command 1
Conn 1
Security 2
Engineering 1
Science 2
Medicine 2

Trait: Romulan

Focus: Xeno Biology

Field Medicine
Untapped Potential

Everyone communicates in their own way
Learn from your mistakes

1.1 Science school: Mechanical Physics +1 science
1.2 Medical school: First Aid First Aid
1.3 Tactical school: Basic self defense + 1 Fitness
1.4 Engineering school: LCARS +1 Engineering

Second Year:

Practical: Kal’Toh Mastery
2.1 Command
2.1 Engineering
2.2 Major Medical
2.2 Minor Sciences (life sciences)


Laviana was born on October 10th ….. in a family that followed Ambassador Spock in his efforts for unification.
They left the Romulan Star Empire and settled on Earth due to circumstances beyond their control.

She grew on a ranch where she learned to take care of animals and all matter of sciences needed on the ranch.

Her family decided to stay on a ranch to be as far away from cities and other people. With only their neighbors as close contacts and sometimes helpful hands. Laviana had a wild streak that she still owns to this day, this is because of her Romulan heritage and the freedom from the Romulan Government.

She decided along with her parents that she should join Starfleet. So she left for Starfleet academy and successfully completed her first year. She is being transferred to a new dorm.
She wonders who these people will be and how they will react to a Romulan in Starfleet.

Liviana Tomalak

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