Ruix Issan

First Cardassian in Starfleet



  • In space, I am home
  • I know things

Daring: 8
Control: 10
Fitness: 7
Reason: 10
Insight: 9
Presence: 8

Command: 1
Con: 2
Security: 2
Engineering: 3
Science: 3
Medicine: 1

Duty and Discipline (Bonus momentum when assisting superior)
Studious (Bonus question when spending momentum for questions)
Untapped Potential (Effect dice when spending momentum)
In the Nick of Time (Effects give +1 work on control/reason extended rolls)

Mechanical Physics

Major: Science
Minor: Engineering
1-1: Tactical School (1 SEC)
1-1: Science Dep (Mech Physics)
1-2: Command (1 Daring)
1-2: Eng Dep (1 ENG)
2-1: Flight School (Astro Nav)
2-1: Medical School (1 Insight)
2-1/2: Working against a deadline (IN THE NICK OF TIME)
2-2: Chemistry (1 SCI)
2-2: Transporters/Replicators (Transporters/Replicators)
3-1: Genetics (1 SCI)
3-1: Anthropology (Anthropology)
3-1/2: Flight squadron (1 CONN)
3-2: Deflector Operations (1 Insight)
3-2: Elective: LCARS Programming (COMPUTER EXPERTISE)


I was six years old when the second war with the Federation ended. I do not remember a lot from before. I was told we were very well off. Our family was part of the upper echelons of Cardassian society. After all, my father was the great Gul Rakan. The hero of the battle of Tervan IV. One of the great Cardassian war heroes. I believe the Federation called him the Butcher of the Fields.

I am the youngest and only son of Gul Rakan’s third wife, Ava Issan. Gul Rakan’s marriage to Ava was purely political. My mother was a quiet timid woman. She was there to join Gul Rakan at social events, look pretty and laugh at his jokes. But there was the entire other side to her that she didn’t let anyone see, except for when we were alone. This strong woman full of determination. She spoke of names and places that I could not place. My mother and I used to share little secrets. She hinted at things and Gul Rakan suddenly found himself a new idea that he hadn’t considered before. It was only much later when I learned what the Obsidian Order was and what it did that everything made a lot more sense. I think my father never suspected to real motives of my mother.

When the war got bad, my mother took me and fled Cardassia. We sought asylum on a Ferengi merchant vessel, who accepted a large sum of latinum for the honor. My father was reportedly furious but unable to stop us. The last thing I heard was that my father was the first one up against the wall when Cardassian Liberation Front took control of Cardassia after the war. By then we had joined the political refugees on Starbase 425. We planned to stay at most two weeks before returning to Cardassia, but rumours of turmoil and uprisings kept us away. I eventually spent most of my youth moving from one Starbase to another. I kept myself busy with exploring the stations and ships we were on, tinkering with whatever I could find and testing the robustness of the local computers security.

I had two much older half-brothers, Jossat and Kaet, from my father’s previous marriages. There was supposedly a third called Brux, but he was a traitor to the Great Cardassian Union and is thus not spoken of anymore. I barely remember my brother Kaet, but I did learn that he died heroically defending Cardassia during the second Federation war. I heard that my brother Jossat has joined the Cardassia First political movement and now shuns anything federation or foreign, so we are no longer on speaking terms.

I have been mostly shunned by my own people. Members of the Cardassia First faction resent me for the influence the federation has had on me. Other Cardassians only see my father and his atrocities. So I have embraced my new home among the Federation. I have spent most of my life living within its borders among its people. So Starfleet seems like a good way to see the galaxy.

Ruix Issan

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