Tanya Rex

Joined Trill Medical officer


Daring 7
Control 9
Fitness 9
Insight 7
Presence 8
Reason 10

Command 1
Conn 1
Security 2
Engineering 1
Science 2
Medicine 2

Focus: Emergy medicine

Joined Trill
Field Medicine
Untapped Potential

Emotion in a crisis only makes things worse
See the good in all things

Command school: Starfleet protocols
Medical school: First Aid
Tactical school: Basic self-defense
Engineering school: LCARS


Tanya grew up on a frontier colony. Due to sometimes extreme circumstances, she helped her father as a nurse. Her father, a joined Trill medic, joined Starfleet and got a post on the USS Elysium. Sometime later the starship disappeared. His current status is MIA.

After a time of grief and retrospect, she applied for a joining. After hard work and study, she joined with the Rex symbiont. Now she joins Starfleet to learn more about what happened to her father and the rest of the crew that disappeared with the Elysium.

Tanya Rex

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