Star Trek: Elysium

After Action report: Cadet Korinn Edron

Import and Export

Stardate 63823.59: Received package of tea from Etolla of Stone Hall, San Fransisco to be delivered to Professor Gusman. The package supposedly contained Risan Tea. We were told this substance was legal but hard to acquire.

Stardate 63823.95: Presented package of tea to Morina, who identified herself as assistant to Professor Gusman. Morina promised to deliver the tea to the professor.

Stardate 63824.79: Discovered the tea dumped under a tree on the grounds of the Academy at coordinates 124.3 by 34.5.

Stardate 63826.45: Returned with tea to Montgomery Scott Hall with Cadet Shirley Holm and Cadet Jadian Edron. Reception was found to be empty. Saw Morina through forced door. Cadet Holm started First Aid. Cadet J Edron contacted Starfleet Medical. Cadet K Edron went to find a Frist Aid kit on the first floor. Cadet K Edron discoverd that the door to the office of Professor Gusman had been forced upon. Starfleet Medical arrived and Morina was handed off. The tea remained in our possession.

Stardate 63827.33: Returned to E-squad dorms to find 4 intruders on the premises. The intruders were of Orion descent. They were male and armed with 3 Type II phasers and 1 disrupter. Upon approach, the intruders reached for their weapons. Cadet Korinn Edron rushed them to draw weapons fire. Cadet Alex Wolfe, Cadet Shirley Holm, Cadet Anna Krylenko, Cadet Tanya Rex successfully disarmed the intruders and managed to stun three, capture one.

Stardate 63827.35: Arrival of Starfleet Security to E-squad dorm. Intruders released into their custody. Intruder’s target was identified as the aforementioned package of tea, which was used to smuggle a custom illegal hallucinogenic compound.



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