Star Trek: Elysium

Cadet Jodelle Delacroix, personal log. Stardate 65001.9

Well, we just had our ‘First Contact’ with Starfleet Academy.
And it was interresting, to say the least.
If one thing is absolutely clear to me right now, is that these will be some very long years.

Day one started with heading to my dorm building and finding out all of us’Elysium Orphans’ have been put together in a squad. E squad.
We’ve been put in a building that’s not completely full, leaving room for additions throughout the year. Even our corridor isn’t completely filled up.
Now most of us took the opportunity for taking to single rooms. I decided to train myself for living conditions for the future. Since junior officers are bunked in two’s, at least, I decided to share a room with Tanya; the only one who hadn’t proclaimed our ‘luck’ of being so few we didn’t have to share. Best to get used to this from the start.

The we met Dr Sunter, our guidance councilor. He introduced himself, gave us an overview of the schedule of the day, and asked us to introduce ourselves. I figured this a test; and so I went for what I’m thinking is the Starfleet way. I went with direct, short and to the point. Others went with overly familiar, way too long and even not interrested and were corrected by Dr Sunter. So I’m thinking I was right.

We went to the opening speech, and Korrin convincedsome of us into a race. I declined as this would fall under the category of ‘conduct and officer unbecomming’. One does not run in uniform in places not meant for that purpose.
This situation was made worse by engaging in a math of frisbee. Especially when someone crashed into the chairs lined up for the ceremony. This attracted undue attention of the gathered brass, and convinces me we’re now on some people’s shortlist.
I was on the other side of the area observing people, and decided immediately in assisting cleanup. Our squad will be treated as a unit anyway, and I decided then and there I would try to lead by example. Maybe my actions there would in a small way mitigate the fallout that will come after this.

Dr Sunter left some presents. Another test I’m sure.

We met Alpha Squad; second years in our building. They seemed nice enough.
But it turns out they have an agenda; and they don’t like us.
As our hazing they dropped us on Memorial Island without communicators and with only a very small amount of time to get back in our beds in time for inspection. Their goal it seems was to make us earn demerits.
I figured our best chance would be to try and signal for help. Most of the others tried to find some way to get back unseen; looking for a transporter (as if that would not be detected), try to steal a shuttlecraft (a very good idea indeed!!) and so on. I really have no words for this.
So when i found a way to signal an alert, I told them. I tried to give them a chance to choose the only correct way for a Starfleet officer. But that was brushed aside in favour of looking for another way. So I did what had to be done and led by example.

We explained ourselves when security arrived. Or better, Alex explained as noone can get a word in when he starts blabbering his mouth.
And we were punished for our leaving campus grounds with a fine of 10 credits. It could have been worse, but still we have a mark in our record.

My take on the squad so far.
Korrin absolutely has to be the best in anything.
Alex abolutely has to talk and give his opinion, no matter what.
Shirley acts without thinking.
Alex isn’t interrested.
The rest I can’t say yet.

And then on to the first day of the semester.
The squad has decided to choose a leader by popular election.
This probably means I’m out from the get go as I will not stoop so low. Korrin and Alex have started campaigning.

Our first classes were great.
Command 101 from a former JAG officer and starbase administrator is interresting. I looked up his public records to figure out where he’s coming from.
And flight instructions from a teacher who believes in a hands on approach.

After class we were invited by Dr Sunter to visit a friend’s bar in the city. I agreed since we’re allowed to go if Dr Sunter allows it.
Our game of pool ended when Shirley ripped the cloth. And the fun ended when Shirley stated Tanya could never be an impartial judge as we’re sharing a room.
I really have no time nor the patience for this kind of high school drama. So I left.

Leaving the bar I noticed some people hiding behind a dumpster. I thought it might be Alpha Squad preparing to repay us for giving them up. So I warned the rest. They, of course, wanted to confront the head on. I tried to convince them to just leave, but couldn’t; So I left to show them how it should be done.



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