Star Trek: Elysium

Cadet Jodelle Delacroix, personal log. Stardate 65013.66

Stardate 65013.66

Classes have started in earnest now.
Even if it’s only been a few days now, I feel like there are a few conclusions I can make already.
The other day, what I thought to be Alpha Squad being up for recenge turned out to be Orion Syndicate criminals. My squadmates nevertheless decided to interven, which is admirable. But later on they lost their ‘bonus points’ by trying to figure out a way to hide the truth from the authorities.
I realy can’t wrap my head around this. What good is trying to hide the truth ever going to do?

Another thig I have notic3d in our squad is a recurring theme. I will call this: trying too hard.
The amount of sucking up to the brass, kissing ass and liberally throwing compliments aro7nd is simply staggering. There is no way any of the professors or other starfleet peronnel are going to fall for this. At some times it’s painful to see.

One noteworthy event was waking up in the liddle of the night from a shaking building. As it turns out this was probably a classified mission. But the others keep poking their noses in things that are none of our business. We even got punished for it again. Time will teach them I suppose.
Pause log.



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