Star Trek: Elysium

Cadet Korinn Edron’s personal log - Excerpts 63815.12 - 63963.06

Cadet Korinn Edron’s personal log. Stardate 63815.12

Why are you here? – Dr Sunter asked us today
Focus on what matters. – Jodelle told us later

These are both the same question. And it is clear that everyone in E-squad has a different answer.

As for me, I am here to aspire to greatness. The Symbiosis Commission might have passed on me and Starfleet wasn’t my first choice. But that doesn’t mean it is anything less. When I fail, I aspire to challenge myself even more and to push myself even further. Starfleet isn’t some second rate backup for me, it is a chance to redeem myself. They may have welcomed me with open arms, allowing me to skip the prerequisite exams due to my high scores in the Trials. But I refuse to lead an easy boring life.

I have kept my promise to challenge myself. Keep pushing the boundaries of what we can do and what we can achieve. Each victory is another step forward. Each failure is a valuable lesson. This is what Starfleet is all about to me. The drive for exploration and for progress, starts within one’s self.

As each challenge reveals more about yourself, I have learned a lot about my fellow squad mates. Though they may resent some of my pushes, it has brought us closer together.

Cadet Korinn Edron’s personal log. Stardate 63818.27

The island might have been a test. If it was, we failed horribly. If it wasn’t, we still failed. Starfleet officers are often far removed from help and should be able to out think any circumstance. We could have pulled it off, I know it. But Starfleet officers also need to work together as a team and that is something we haven’t been able to do yet.

Cadet Korinn Edron’s personal log. Stardate 63825.83

The truth is one of the most important tenants in the Starfleet Oath. Yet since my time at the academy I have seen how flexible this can be. Vindictive students that are out to get each other in a competitive environment. Assistants making false promises just to get rid of pesky students. Security performing cover-ups for who knows what reason. Admirals receiving hidden supplies through the black market.

E-squad blames me for lying about the incident at the Klingon restaurant. I freely admit full responsibility for what happened there. We made a promise to some one who needed help. And if the truth can be flexible for everyone, surely to do so in services of others would be the best application.

No one wants to be seen in a negative light. But to do right, sometimes you have to make some sacrifices. The academy is tough, and everyone is frustrated. If they can vent some of that frustration at me, all the better. I am used to it anyway.

Cadet Korinn Edron’s personal log. Stardate 63963.06

In the months since we have been together, I have grown to respect the other members of E-squad in a way I didn’t think possible. But I have noticed some push back from the Academy concerning my fit in Starfleet. I seem to be ruffling some feathers. They seem to have a bit of trouble with keeping up with me. It was the same with the Symbiosis Commission.

But to save my squad from my negative attention that I have been receiving, I have decided not to pursue the squad leader position anymore. I believe my talents are better suited as a second-in-command, at least for now. Let someone else worry about the vision and the administration. Let me worry about keeping the squad in shape and ready. It also remains to be seen if I reach the end of this year with everything that is going on. I wouldn’t want to force the squad to have to re-elect the position if they do kick me out. If they don’t, there is always next year.



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