Star Trek: Elysium

Cadet Wolfe’s log, stardate 63816.9

I’ve decided to get an early start on writing my logs. The reason for this is that I think it will interesting to revisit these logs after I graduate from the academy. If only to reflect on how much I will have changed at that point. Also I think it will be a good way to gather my thoughts. And because it is a requirement for cadets, it’s best to try and get into the habit of writing them earlier rather than later.

I will be honest, leaving my shaloa on Andoria was a bit harder than I had imagined. Which is understandable I think, they did raise me for the majority of my life and I owe them much. I’m just glad that my Rosha has already recovered enough that she could see me of at the spaceport. And while I will miss them, I will do my best in order to make them and my parents proud.

The trip to earth was rather uneventful. Which was a good thing, it allowed me some time to go over a bit more information about Earth. A side effect I suppose from my upbringing but my knowledge about earth is rather limited. I mean I think I can count the number of times that I have visited it before on one hand. Part of the adventure I suppose, the opportunity to learn and explore both my roots and mother earth. The view of her blue oceans and green landscapes from the shuttle’s windows at least were very inspiring.

Upon my arrival at the academy, I was quickly assigned a dorm on the northern edge of the campus. When I got there, I was pleased to see that several of my fellow cadets were already arriving. Surprisingly though, they were all old friends and acquaintances of mine. Namely my friends who had also lost one or more parents during the Elysium incident. At first I found this to be a bit strange, but it quickly became apparent that this was no coincidence. Even our squad was named after the ship, E-squad or Elysium-Squad. I can’t help but wonder what the reasoning of the faculty was for this. Did they do this just because we are all “survivors” of the ship, which in my opinion would be a bit inappropriate. I mean we are not defined by this single event in our lives. Or does Starfleet have a habit of placing cadets who know each other in the same squad? Perhaps in order to ease the acclimation to life in the academy by having friendly faces to surround ourselves. Just to clarify, this is not a criticism but rather a curiosity. Later I should ask someone about this, just to get the reasoning about this. But I’ll shelve it for now.

Fortunately, our squad is a lot smaller than our wing of the dorm would allow. Which means that for now at least, we each have a private room for ourselves. Which does make recording these logs a bit easier. Though I due suspect that this will change as time passes. Along with the rooms, the dorm has a common room that contains a private replicator unit for our use. This is of course not free in use. We each have a generous amount of monthly rations for use. Though I due suspect that if you are not careful with them that you can quickly run out of them. Still, I mustn’t forget to ask my Rosha to send her recipe for shaysha stew with hari. It should be possible to program it into the replicator.

While we were settling in, we were visited by doctor Sunter, the first year guidance counselor. He wanted to make sure that we were settling in alright on behest of captain Orwell, a survivor of the Elysium. We talked for a bit as he explained to us the proceedings for this day. He also asked us for our reasons for joining the academy. I have a feeling that he was a bit disappointed that the majority of us, myself included, stated that our reason for joining was the thrill of exploration. Though perhaps disappointed is not so much the right word as worried. I can imagine that he has come across several a cadet who joined Starfleet with halfhearted intentions, only to flunk out in the end. Up to me then to prove that I am serious in my intend.

Following our meeting with doctor Sunter, we proceeded to go to stage on which the welcoming address would be held. While we took our time, Korinn decided to challenge us to a race. To his regret, only Shirley decided to take him up on it. who then handedly claimed the victory from him. It is here that Jadian and I met Issahu. An engineer who had come to the academy in order to assist Starfleet with a project. Though I will admit, at first I thought he was another cadet like us. This misunderstanding was quickly resolved and we managed to quickly gather that he was at the wrong location. We managed to show him the way towards the offices where he was being expected and said our goodbyes.
After this meeting and an unfortunate accident involving several chairs, Shirley and a game of extreme frisbee, the officers started to arrive in order to address the students. Admiral Heywood gave a lengthy speech in order to welcome us and to point us to our responsibilities as young cadets of Starfleet. Afterwards, we all rose in order to take our vow. I will admit that a surge of pride filled my being as I recited these words.

At the urging of doctor Sunter, we returned to our dorm in order to put on our uniforms. And in order to partake of a mead pie courtesy of doctor Sunter. We were a bit hesitant to try the Bolian dish, but I am glad that I managed to put my doubts aside. The pie was quite good, for which I send my gratitude to the doctor. A bit later we were visited by members of alpha squad, a squadron of senior cadets who lived in another wing of the dorm. It was interesting to meet them as the offered us some insight into what we could expect. In short, they confirmed the warning that was given by admiral Heywood. The training will be more difficult than we can imagine and it will push us beyond our limits. They also warned us about the fact that there is a tradition in the academy where the first year students would have to undergo a hazing ritual by the older students later this night. They didn’t go into to much detail though, so I guess we are in for a surprise.

Another interesting piece of information that they gave us is the fact that we are expected to choose our squadron leader in a weeks’ time. Korinn was quick to suggest a series of physical challenges in order to decide the leader. However for now the majority seems to agree with the suggestion of Shirley and me to hold a small election. I do have some doubts however on her suggestion to have an open election. Mostly because I think it would be best to have candidates that actually want to in command. But the details can be discussed a bit more when it is actually time to hold the vote. On a personal level, I would not mind being in command. Seeing as I would like to be a captain at one point in my career, I would imagine that it would be a good training for when that happens. But we will see what happens.

I suppose that this is a good time to mention some of the first impressions that some of my squad mates have left on me. The one who made the strongest impression is definitely Korrin. I was sorry to hear that he was not approved for a symbiont, as this was something that he was looking forward to for a long time. But he doesn’t seem to let it bother him too much, at least on the outside. That said, he is highly competitive, constantly challenging others to a contest. I do hope that he will quickly grow out of this as it can be a bit tiring. Though if I were to hazard a guess, I think this attitude comes from a mix of high standards that he puts for himself and a coping mechanism to deal with his rejection. But all in all I think he is a good guy, if a bit tiring.

Definitely an eager contender for the position of squad leader, though I wouldn’t count out his brother Jadian as a possible rival. While we didn’t talk much, he seems to share a lot of his brother’s personality. However a lot more tempered with patience and dare I say a smidge more wisdom than his brother.

Another interesting one is Jodelle. I must say, this is not the same person that we learned to know during the years of messaging back and forth. A large part of the anger seems to be gone. Which is easily explained by her reason for joining Starfleet. In short, she wants to reinvent herself at Starfleet and I can only respect her for it. it takes a brave individual to look at oneself and a braver one still in order to act on what they see. I hope Starfleet can help her succeed at this.

Shirley is a very positive force on the squad I think. A kind personality mixed with a ‘yes we can’ mentality. I have no doubt that she will quickly become the big sister figure to the rest of the squad. The person that you can always go to in order to get some advice or when your in need of a kind word of encouragement.

Someone I definitely worry about is Matthew. I fear that he’s a bit too laidback for his own good. I don’t know, I hope I’m wrong about this. I mean he certainly has the brains for it. while playing chess with Korrin he matched him move by move and even took the overhand for a while. We will see how things work out for him.

Last is Tanya and I’m sad to say that I barely interacted with her. The few things I did learn about her are that she is in fact a joined Trill and is a bit obsessed with the first aid kit. I mean while picking rooms she insisted to have the one that is closest to the kit. I’m going to hazard a guess and say that she’s going for the medicine track.

Unfortunately, I see that it is almost time to head to the evening festivities so I will be signing of for now.

Andorii translations
Shaloa: adopted family
shaysha: beetle-like insect lifeform that is often used in Andorian cuisine.
hari: flatbread



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